Sahmurai Sword Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

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  • Tubeless tyre repair kit.
  • Each kit includes 5 x Spare Plugs.
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Sahmurai Sword Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit - NEW DESIGN

Sahmurai Sword tubeless tyre plugs are used to plug large punctures in tyres that are too big for tubeless sealant alone to seal.

Tubeless MTB tyre systems have revolutionised mountain biking, and the days of multiple punctures in a single ride are history. However there are still some nasties on the trails (flint, glass & metal) that will puncture a tyre so badly that even the best tubeless sealant alone can't seal the hole.
In these situations rather than fitting a tube (which then gets punctured multiple times on the countless thorns poking inside the tyre) and hoping for the best, you now have an option that will get you rolling again without loosing the tubeless benefit.
The Sahmurai Sword tubeless tyre plug kit provides a solution that is built into a pair of bar plugs. These sit inside the bars to provide a much safer way to carry the kit. One plug hosts the reamer, which is used to open up the puncture, the other holds the plug fork to push the gummy worm plug through the hole.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Plug tool (which doubles as your other bar plug)
  • 1x Reamer tool (which doubles as one of your bar plugs)
  • 5x Repair plugs (which are long enough to cut in half to double the amount of plugs!)

Top Tips:

  • Cut the sheet of repair plugs in half - this will give you twice as many!
  • Keep one of the repair plugs hooked through the plug tool - this means you have one ready to go for even faster puncture repairs!
  • Slide your reamer tool into the repair plug wrapper that carries your spare plugs to keep you spare plugs handy at all time.

About Sahmurai SWORD:

The Sahmurai Sword is the first cycle-specific option and is the brainchild of three-time Cape Epic winner and Team Bulls rider Stefan ‘Sahmurai’ Sahm. Tyre plugs were first used in car tyres repairs, marathon racers have been known to carry small automotive kits with them, aften taped to their bikes, not the safest way to carry such sharp objects!
The Sahmurai Sword bar plug sits quite flush with the end of the bar, but there is enough of a roughened surface that you can unthread it from the bar by hand. The plugs will work with any handlebar with an inside diameter of 17mm and up, but they will not fit bars with reinforced rings for bar ends.

The weight of the whole kit is just 40 grams so it won’t slow you down!


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Great solution for tubeless plugs. I got the first generation kit for my gravel bike, works perfectly and this new version solves the only issue with the first gen - they had threaded stems which wore out. Exceptional service from mtbriders gave me free replacement with the second gen version as soon as they came in stock. 10 out of 10 for product and service.

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