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Wolf Tooth Elliptical 104 BCD Chainring

Wolf Tooth Elliptical 104 BCD Chainring

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  • 104 BCD Elliptical Drop-Stop Chainring
  • 32t, 34t & 36t
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Wolf Tooth Elliptical 104 BCD Chainring

More power? Check. Better traction? Definitely. Less shifting? Yup.

More power? Check. Better traction? Definitely. Less shifting? Yup. Funky uneven pedal stroke? Not with Wolf Tooth’s PowerTrac Elliptical™ (PTE) chainrings. Our proprietary design means a slightly less ovalized ring (10%) with less aggressive timing (112°) than competitors’ versions; any change to your pedal stroke is unnoticeable for most riders, but they still provide the POWER and TRACTION benefits inherent to oval chainrings. Click HERE for detailed information on our PTE technology.

It’s like having two chainrings in one! With PowerTrac Elliptical rings, the larger-diameter section of the ring engages with the chain at the optimal point on the downstroke, or “Power Zone,” – between 1-5 and 7-11 on a clock face – to take advantage of your body’s natural biomechanical POWER: For example, during this section, a PTE 34t ring is equivalent to a 36t round ring. Similarly in the “Recovery Zone” (11-1 and 5-7), the smaller section on the PTE ring engages, maximizing EFFICIENCY in the weakest part of the pedal stroke; here the PTE 34t ring is equivalent to a 32t round ring.

Additionally, the above provides a smoother, more efficient pedal rotation, which means better TRACTION. Steadier torque on the rear wheel means less spinning out in the “Power Zone,” while pedalling is easier during the “Recovery Zone,” so you maintain momentum.

  • This are functionally the same as the aluminium 104 BCD rings.
  • These rings fit any 104 BCD crankset, and here are instructions on how to measure your BCD.  
  • For 1x9, 1x10, 1x11 and 1x12 drivetrains (including SRAM Eagle)
    • Compatible with all 10, 11, and 12 speed chains (Including SRAM Eagle)
    • If using a 9 speed drivetrain use a 10 speed chain (shifts and works well on a 9 speed drivetrain and fits the ring tighter for better chain retention).

Tech Specs:
  • Design and manufactured in the Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Wolf Tooth’s patent pending Drop-Stop®  wide/narrow tooth profile for the ultimate chain retention and mud shedding ability
    • Recommend the use of a clutch style rear derailleur for the best chain security.
  • Material 7075-T6
  • Colors - black, blue, red, and gold
  • Chainline (approximate as BB centering and cranksets vary) - 48mm on 3x cranksets and 49mm on 2x
  • Threaded to use M8 chainring bolts (no nuts required)
  • Ovality of 10% and timing of 112° after TDC (top dead center)
  • Maximum diameter is that of a chainring 2t bigger than the size you order (so be sure there is adequate chainstay clearance!)
  • If you plan to ride in very muddy conditions, we recommend a chainguide or chainkeeper in addition to a clutch-type rear derailleur! Without these precautions, you may experience chaindrops and/or chainsuck.
    • Weight - 32T= 41g, 34T= 48g, 36T= 55g  

    About the Wolf Tooth Drop-Stop design:

    Wolf Tooth Components are the best performing and longest lasting wide/narrow chainrings on the market, and that is no accident. We've put countless hours into designing, prototyping, and testing to come up with our innovative new tooth profile, which is pending multiple patents. Test riders all over the world have confirmed that this design provides unparalleled performance. Here are the details of WHY it works:   

    Asymmetric tooth shape:   

    This is a close up view of our new tooth profile. Notice that right side of the tooth has a very different shape than the left side. The right side of the tooth transmits force to the chain and the left side provides clearance for mud and debris. Since they have completely different functions it makes sense that they are designed differently. Extra strength where you need it, less material where you don't:


    This picture shows a top and side view of our chainring with a chain so you can see how they fit together. Notice that the right side of the tooth is as wide as we can make it to maximise amount of area in contact. More area in contact means the load is spread over a larger area which in turn minimises wear on the tooth. The left side of the tooth helps to guide the chain as it meshes with the chainring but it does not have to transmit any load. The left side of the tooth is narrower than the roller pin on the chain. Wear is not a concern on this side of the tooth so we removed extra material to create a channel for mud to flow away. More clearance means less friction and less chance of mud causing a dropped chain.  

    This cross section shows the mud purging channel that allows Drop-Stop chainrings to rip through mud without dropping the chain. Notice how the extra relief on the left side of the tooth provides room for mud to flow. Mud relief cutouts on the valleys between the teeth provides space for mud to flow between the chain plates and chain roller. All surfaces are angled so there are no sharp corners for mud and grease to build up.


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