PNW Components Spare Parts

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PNW Components Spare Parts

These are replacement & service parts for the PNW Loam Lever and the various PNW dropper posts. 

Available Parts:

  • Barrel Adjuster
  • Loam Level Cable Clamping Bolt
  • IS-II Conversion Kit
  • MatchMaker Conversion Kit
  • 22.2mm Handle Bar Clamp Mount
  • 31.8mm Handle Bar Clamp Mount
  • Dropper Post Barrel Nut
  • Jagwire Lex-SL Replacement Cable Kit
  • MTB Dropper Lever Kit, For Rainier, Cascade or Pine

Barrel Adjuster:

They break, or can get lost, or may even have got pinched to carry out a repair on your mates ride... whatever the reason we've got your spares.

Cable Clamping Bolt:

Maybe you dropped yours or lost it down in the gap in the floor board in your shed, good job we've got plenty of spares ones for your!

The Loam Lever adaptors:

Make your Loam Lever direct mount compatible to Shimano ISpec II or Sram MatchMaker X (MMX) brake lever clamps. This allows you to have one less clamp on your handlebar for people who want to tidy up their cockpit. Also the clamp kits are great if you want to move your Loam Lever to a different cockpit or change brakes or bikes.

Dropper Post Barrel Nut:

Misplaced your barrel nut? No problem, we've got you. This barrel nut works for all of our droppers including the Rainier, Bachelor, Cascade and Pine. It also works with the Cascade/Pine replacement lever.

Jagwire Lex-SL Replacement Cable Kit

Looking for one of the most premium cable kits on the market?

We have teamed up with Jagwire to create a custom cable housing kit with the PNW Components logo on it, while staying true to the incredible LEX-SL housing that Jagwire is famous for. The kit also comes with a slick-wire cable for added friction resistance via machining on the surface of the cable to make it smooth. Plus sealed alloy cable ends to help prevent corrosion by protecting your cables from exposure to water. 

Kit includes:

  • Jagwire LEX-SL cable housing
  • Jagwire Slick-Wire cable
  • Jagwire sealed alloy cable ends

MTB Dropper Lever Kit, For Rainier, Cascade or Pine:

Take a spill and need a replacement lever? No problem! This kit includes the lever assembly, cables, housing and stainless steel noodle.

The Rainier lever kit is compatible with any of our Rainier or Bachelor dropper posts. The cable routes through the cable with the end staying in place at the lever. The cut end of the cable would be tightened at the dropper.

The Cascade/Pine kit is compatible with our Cascade or Pine dropper posts. This lever uses a barrel nut for securing the cable and is universal with all of our droppers.


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